Thursday, 24 February 2011

Long belated second part

I meant to have this up the weekend before leaving, actually, I'm pretty sure there is a version of this in some random folder in a computer in Spain. But since at the moment I'm looking out the window at a very beautiful Glasgow day, I'll have to do it all over.

Of course, I have forgotten all details, so excuse me if I make things up. ;)

I believe that the only thing that marred the second session was that one of my friends was missing. Of course this meant that I had to reevaluate all encounters on the fly, and that's annoying, but what saddened me was that there was a nice buddy chemistry between two of my players that was the closest that they got to actually roleplaying and it was lost. The game though was still a lot of fun.

We laughed, cheered, jested and jeered. They hacked down goblins and gargoyles, found two hidden chambers and a mystical ruby covered in gore.

Of course, a lot of what I did was pretty common fantasy fodder, nothing groundbreaking, but the open eye wonder of my players young and not so young was most enjoyable.

From a technical standpoint the game fared much better and much smoother. I set up all of my gear as well, and this time brought my laptop and an old small PC we with the projector in the living room. This allowed me to use MapTools to project the map onto the table and control things like effect areas, moving hazards and uncovering the map little by little with a lot more ease than during the last session.

This combined by the slightly more knowledgeable group meant we moved at a much faster pace than the first session.

This session I was as well much more comfortable with the rules in Spanish. Not only the rules, but my own capacity to narrate. I will ashamedly admit that I even felt good when I used a word they had never heard before...I have not lost my Spanish, it is just kinda rusty.

This extra breathing space was mostly in my head and I tried to keep a manic pace. It also allowed me to make use of my prepared material much better. The background music and sound effects were greatly appreciated...specially in the last battle.

The cunning investigating of my players led them to take their newly acquired gem to a room they had already explored and discover a hall underneath the small dungeon. I prepared an increasingly tense and dark piece to narrate the description of this freezing eerily lit cave.

They discovered the lair of a young white dragon and valiantly defeated him. It was the hardest game in the two days of playing (as was the intention) and it was delightful to see them scamper for their lives and moan as, of course, they all failed too pass the attack tests on their dailies.

They got payed, but did very little effort to piece together the vague background plot I had devised and thus they were left hanging and wanting to know more....just were I wanted them. *evil cackle*

If I have time I might consider carry on running this game over the Internet with MapTool, but we’ll see.

Game on,

PS: I’m aware this was a crappy entry. heh.