Monday, 4 July 2011

Reposting my random ideas post...with a couple of additions.

I was just going to edit the first one and add a tag, and it went all to hell. So I just deleted it.


Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a Japanese Manga (and also Anime now) setting. It is a fantasy setting, stuck somewhere just before the industrial revolution I would guess, with Magic replacing a lot of those advancements.

In this world, most mages join guilds, which allows them to take guild missions to make a living. The guilds also act as foster homes apparently, making a lot of them very tight knit and act like extended families.

My intention with this game is to run a group of down on their luck, silly, and incorrigible group of young mages looking to do something with themselves. I plan on setting it outside the Kingdom of Fiore (where Fairy Tail is based) so I can pretty much do as I please and still bring in details and plots from the series without having to worry about overlapping or things not making sense (at least no more than my usual on the run method of GMing allows).

I’ve already got a group of players and characters for this game actually, but we had to push the game back for now. I’m running it using Mutants and Masterminds 3e and I’m very excited.

Important Points:
  • Missions for the players. Have a big collection of missions they can pick and choose from, with big rewards but also the possibility of failing.
  • Money Matters. If they plan on surviving they’ll need the money from the missions, and everything has its cost.
  • I tend to try and go serious with my games. This game should be the opposite. I will be the source of comedy as much as possible, and this will hopefully make the drama much more poignant in exchange when it (sparsely) happen.


Cryptos (working title) is my personal ideal of the Mutant genre. I love the X-Men. I love the characters, some of the plots and the theme...but I always feel like it gets muddled in the overarching Marvel universe, for all I care the aliens, sorcerers, time-travellers and gods can just retcon themselves.

I don’t have a lot thought out for Cryptos. It would obviously be very similar to the X-Men in genesis, but I would like to build this as ground-up as possible.

The plan is to set the characters at the beginning of the story. They will be part of the first to manifest and they will, if they wish to, be able to shape what happens from there on...or at least try.

MnM is also the system of choice for this.

Important Points:
  • Player choice. They are in control of what they do and how they use their powers. I’m not a big fan of running evil characters though...but we’ll see how I handle that if it comes up.
  • Overarching consequences. What the characters do in turn must have an effect. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

How to Train your Dragon

I am a big fan of the movie. I own it and watch it all the time, my girlfriend also bought the audiobook of the first book (David Tennant reads it heh), and I listen to the soundtrack when walking around town more often than I will admit.

The book has this really sad aftertaste to it, because Dragons are no more. The narrator talks about them in the past sense, for they went away and never came back.

But what if they did?

I’d like to run it very light. Focusing the first part of the game on finding the dragons and befriending them. Players would stat their characters, but I would create the dragons. They would have to learn slowly what the dragons can do, and in time probably help them develop in certain ways.

I’m not sure this would work well for a tabletop game and I might run it as a Play by Post or similar setup.

My original intention was to run this using the Monsters and Other Childish Things system. The issue with this is that the system tends to make the Children not very effective or useful, which in this kind of game I don’t want. It could just take a little tweak to the character generation, probably just more points.

Important Points:
  • Dragons are myths. Dealing with this should be the first focus. How do you tell your parents, your tribe? How do you convince them if your dragons are too scared to come with you and how do they react when they finally meet?
  • They’ve been away for hundreds of years, what has made them come back and should you be worried?

Summer Stories

A proper MaoCT game. Set in the fictional Hocico Bay, California, it is a game of fourteen year olds trapped in a town with a rating not adequate for their young minds. Of course, the monsters from beyond time and space that are their friends don’t really care about ratings, so why should they?

This game was supposed to start at the end of last year, but ended up being replaced by my L5R game. I did some work here: Summer Stories.

This is another game that might end up being run online. I think the ORE system lends itself to PbP games because of the simultaneous rolling system.

Important Points:

I have forgotten. I have notes somewhere that I must find.

Heralds of Valdemar

I will never deny I love the Heralds of Valdemar setting by Mercedes Lackey. It may have many flaws but I accept the whole as the foundation of my love of Fantasy.

The fact that I love it so much is why this idea is hard. On one hand it want to run make sure everything is right. On the other hand...I wanna play!

The obvious choice would be to use Blue Rose, which was basically designed around the Valdemar series and other similarly themed novels.

But I don’t actually own Blue Rose (yet) and I might consider using something else. Maybe MnM (because, why not, I’m using it for everything else already) or True20, the successor to BR.

Power Metal Band...IN SPACE!!!!!

If you haven’t noticed, even though I enjoy the levelling aspect of games like D&D, I enjoy evolving characters and situations much more. This shows in the fact that I like starting games low and build up to greatness. That’s what I particularly want in this game.

You are a band from a backwater planet (maybe the origin of a millennium-old legendary rock band not falling into darkness) and are trying to make it out in the very big universe...cuz in this space, you will make them hear you scream.

I’m open to running or playing in this one. I think I could enjoy running it particularly, cuz it would mean I would have an excuse to actually delve back into music and music history.