Wednesday, 14 July 2010

I'm not dead, I'm plotting

So I wrote my diatribe, talked to a few friends, looked over a few of the systems, talked to my friends some more (these the kind that only answer in my own head).

My original idea seems to be interesting to more people than me (excluding multiple selfs), which makes me happy and gives me strength. Some have commented that the only way to achieve it is through one of the universal systems though, but I really do feel that would completely defeat the purpose of my idea, so I'm politely ignoring it.

I have though realized that shifting games and setting every session is just too much. More achievable is probably keeping the same setting through at least 2-4 sessions so that it doesn't feel like the players and the GMs are putting work forward and very little return / enjoyment.

Also I have noticed that although this blog will be nice to keep a track of my thoughts and as the central focus for the resulting audio logs, it is not the best to maintain track of something as complicated as a universe jaunting saga.

To the rescue comes Obsidian Portal. Obsidian Portal allows a centralized hub for any game you're running with a lot of nifty features, even for your run of the mill home adventures. It's also a good place to steal...I mean obtain inspiration.

I have not created the Campaign for this idea of mine, I'll leave it until I have a more firmer grasp on what and how I'm doing this, specially the overarching story aspect.

I hope to have more ideas soon!


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